The NISMO Odyssey: Lecha Khouri’s Unyielding Devotion to the Skyline GT-R

In the mystique-laden intersection of raw horsepower and pulsating heartbeats, where rubber translates into symphonic streaks of velocity, a virtuoso of automotive ardor takes center stage. Lecha Khouri, affectionately hailed as “Lee,” is not merely a collector; he is a veritable architect of automotive dreams. His opus magnum? The illustrious…

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“Gabriela Kirova: Leading the Way for Women’s Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Bulgaria”

Gabriela Kirova is a Bulgarian businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has dedicated her life to promoting women’s empowerment and sustainable development in Bulgaria. Her efforts have made significant contributions to the country’s economic and social development, and she is widely recognized as a leader in promoting gender equality and sustainable…

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