The Olive Tree, written by Australian author Mariam Elhouli, makes a strong first impression in the Middle East.

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Mariam elhouli

The book which was realised last year by entreprenuer and first time Author Mariam elhouli has made an impressive impact in a few countries.

The Amazon Best seller recieved numerous awards and went as far as being featured in New York times Square.
The fiction book that takes you on a journey with the protagonists Nisma and Hannah to teens fighting to live a humane life in occupied Palestine . Their life takes a sharp turn when they loose their parents. Elhoulis breathtaking story filled with emotion takes you on this whirl wind drive that by the time you have finished the book you don’t know exactly where you stand if your with or against everything that happend in this short fiction story

What distinguishes this book from others is Elhouli’s deftness in pinpointing the causes of this devastated country, which is riddled with bigotry and segregation, without taking sides on who is to blame. You, the reader, are given all sides of the story and are left to form your own opinion.

Although it is a work of fiction, the amount of rawness makes it read like nonfiction.

The book, which has now spread to the Middle East, has sparked a discussion among the younger generation, with the most pressing question being “when will the hatred towards each other end?”

The book is now being translated into Turkish, Arabic, and Spanish due to popular demand.
We can’t wait to see it on the big screen one day.
With the news that Mariam is working on her second book, Souls of the Devil, we are confident that this new title will turn heads.

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