Vogue Vision Meets Innovation: Porterium and Digital Fashion Magazine’s Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards Making Waves During the 77th Cannes Film Festival

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Cannes Film Festival

The highly anticipated Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards, held at a Secret Private Location in Cannes during the 77th Cannes Film Festival, were a resounding success. The event, curated by fashion tech and media entrepreneur Liliya Rogova Tippetts, founder of PORTERIUM Monaco 1st Wed3 Fashion, Design & Art Marketplace, alongside DIGITAL FASHION MAGAZINE, founded by the acclaimed Digital Fashion Diva & Visionaire, LAGANZAbrought together industry luminaries and innovators for an evening of elegance, innovation, and luxury.

The Awards Ceremony headlined by the mesmerizing singer OLLA from Monaco, the red carpet Haute Cocktail Reception boasts spectacular performances, including the renowned TIORA (Half Human / Half Avatar) laser harp show. Following this, a curated fashion extravaganza by Margaux Pohosian of Maragaux MGMT model agency of Monaco-basedMarli Dresses X Victoria Silvstedt Collection

The Awards Ceremony celebrated nominees from diverse backgrounds, including international independent fashion brands, fashion influencers, blockchain and crypto icons, and pioneers in the metaverse industry. Notable guests included HM Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, celebrity Victoria Silvstedt, Hofit Golan, Alvaro Nunez and other  renowned personalities among international jury hailing from around the globe.

Anna-Maria List as a strategic partner for the event, played a pivotal role in its success. A seasoned member of judging panels, she serves as the Ambassador of Emirates Fashion Week, which was a partner to the Digital Fashion and Crypto Awards, casting its votes under the Fashion category. Renowned as a beauty competition champion, she is also a photo model and fashion expert. Anna-Maria scouts and nurtures new talents in the fashion industry and is gracing the cover with her favorite freshly discovered brand Boulas clothes. Beyond fashion, she is a successful real estate investor, fashion producer, hotel business owner, nutrition specialist, and osteopathic trainer with international government certification. Her multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable asset to the fashion industry and beyond. Her vote, backed by international expertise, is crucial in the discerning process.

Laganza’s VSD Meta Couture impressed with its fusion of physical and digital fashion. VSD Digital Fashion Academy, a pioneering institution in digital fashion education, was honored with the Most Innovative Digital Fashion Education Award. Olena Nevzorova was named Top Young Digital Fashion Designer. Additionally, Liliya Rogova Tippetts, the Founder of PORTERIUM, Monaco 1st Fashion & Art Marketplace, received the Entrepreneurial Innovator of the Year award for her groundbreaking integration of the metaverse into the traditional fashion marketplace, enhancing the shopping experience to a new level.

Stanislav Bartnikas, renowned for capturing sacred places emitting energy of success utilized by business people worldwide, received both the Phygital Excellence and Innovative Photographer of the Year Awards. GUCCI COSMOS secured the prestigious Metaverse Vanguard Award, while Dress X was honored with the Top Digital Fashion Application of the Year Award. DEXART from the Metaverse Space received recognition for the Most Innovative Metaverse Award. INITE emerged as the Breakthrough of the Year in the digital fashion and crypto art category, with FT NFT Gallery named the Top Gallery in Digital Fashion. In the realm of music, singer KRIVETS mesmerized audiences in the Metaverse and received the Best Digital Ukrainian Singer Award. Fashion Tech Collaboration of the Year was well deserved by Fashion Factor with Yoona Artificial Intelligence application and  Elena Butko Art.

In a nod to innovation, the ceremony celebrated leaders in the crypto and Web3 sector. Brock Pierce became the Winner of The Digital Currency Icon Excellence Award while Amandeep Midha clinched both the Crypto & Blockchain Trailblazer Achievement Award and the Blockchain Innovator of the Year Award. Ekaterina Santorina was recognized with the Crypto Master and Crypto Finance Iconic Achievement Awards, while Dr. Levan Bodzashvili received the Digital Asset Visionary Award and the Blockchain Influencer of the Year Award. Olga Davis was honored with the Crypto-Chic Numerology Award for her pioneering fusion of numerology with crypto, fashion, and personal branding.

Porterium Fashion Category nominations, in partnership with Emirates Fashion Week, saw NG Design by Benoit Joseph winning the Rising Star Designer of the Year Award for reshaping luxury leather goods with French elegance. Colibra Polska claimed the Accessory Virtuoso and Accessory Designer of the Year Award for over 46 years of Polish high-quality jewelry craftsmanship. Mary Redenkovich of Lavishly Appointed received the Green Fashion Icon Award for innovative recycled fabrics. Pritam Nayak Couture from India clinched the Couture Maven Award, while Ev Bessar from New York secured the Vanguard Fashion Innovation Award. Wood Belt from Slovenia won the Socially Responsible Designer Award, and Judy Green earned both the Fashion Empowerment Recognition Award and the Timeless Elegance Award. 

The Star-Studded Collaboration Collection of the Year Award went to Monaco-based Marli Dresses for its “Wild Life” capsule with celebrity Victoria Silvstedt, was showcased at the ceremony’s curated by Margo Pohosian of Margaux Model Agency, which took the Award of Top Modelling Agency on the French Riviera 2024.

Feryam Brand from Saudi Arabia was bestowed with the Middle Eastern Fashion Icon Award, and Beth & Mishka took home the Eco-Luxury Vanguard Award. Fine Couture by Fatma Essa from Dubai emerged as the winner of the Middle Eastern Rising Star of Modest Luxury Award, and Suvarsha Vengurlekar from India won the Bridal & Special Occasion Gowns Couture Visionary Award. Olympea Jewelry from New York was honored with the Eco-Artisan Advocate Award for their commitment to ethical practices, while Yana Shine received the Mindful Fashion Excellence Award. Finally, Miss March by Michelle Marozzi from Monaco received the Next Generation Designer of the Year Award.

In the realm of creatives and entrepreneurs, the winners were acknowledged for their astute fusion of fashion and business acumen. Marina Majoie received the Ultimate Fashion Icon Award as a photographer’s muse. Elisa Belarex, founder of a sensual fashion brand, earned the Fashion Entrepreneur Empowerment Award, while Canadian actress Aria Walton, who established a successful marketing agency, was honored with the Talent and Entrepreneurship Person of the Year Award. American celebrity Keni Silva received the Philanthropic Fashion Icon Award in anticipation of her book launch. Additionally, the Porterium Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year Award went to Patricia Gloria Contreras from Paris for her top-notch beauty collaborations.

Ayleen Charlotte, known from the Tinder Swindler Netflix documentary, was recognized with the Empowerment Icon: Fashion Lover, Fraud Fighter, Women’s Advocate Award. Masha Abramovich, the founder of SNAGA Fashion label, was named Visionary Entrepreneur of the Year, while Ana Maria Bari earned the Fashion Model of the Year Award for gracing fashion runways. Svetlana S-Fenix received the Standout Vocalist of the Fashion Runway Award for her acclaimed performances. Elena Kugel became the Winner of Avante-Garde Fashion Model Award.

Audrey Bouette Tiger was honored with the Fashion Collaboration Excellence Award for her partnership with “LemonLunar,” while Ashaeva Laila was recognized with the Top Trendsetter Award for her expertise in blonde styling. Rebecca Setareh, an acclaimed artist from Miami, secured the Excellence in Bronze Sculpture Award, and Glam Monte Carlo, led by Anna Lunhu, won the Fashion Runway Beauty Award. Kristina Stets was named Rising Star in fashion content creation and photography, and Alina Leshchynska proudly accepted the Best Hair Extension Expert Award for “WOWHAIR.” 

Natalia De Graaf-Smolska, founder of Liquid Beauty Clinic, earned the Beauty & Business Brilliance Award and performed her musical clip during the ceremony showing her multi talents; while Veronika Denissova received the Social Impact Influencer Award for her anti-domestic violence work. Tharaa Al Sayed was recognized as the Winner of Luxury Stylist Excellence Award for her extraordinary work with clients from Hollywood to Royalties, and Miroslava Lisihun received the Best Dance Performance Award on the Fashion Runway.

The guests were mesmerized by TIORA’s groundbreaking performance, the first in the world laser Harp DJane show. TIORA, who is half human and half avatar, seamlessly exists in both the real and metaverse worlds simultaneously, captivating the audience with her unique presence and talent.

KRIVETS, the Metaverse singer,  awed the audience with her singing and ballet performance. As the metaverse sponsor of the Digital Fashion and Crypto Awards, DEXART made a notable impact on the event. Founded by Anatoli Ille and Anton Elston, DEXART is a metaverse platform for business, education, and entertainment. This innovative approach redefines user engagement and brand interaction, showcasing the future of the metaverse at the event.

In a culmination of innovation and creativity, the Digital Fashion & Crypto Awards by Porterium and Digital Fashion Magazine marked a milestone in the convergence of fashion, cryptocurrency, and entrepreneurship. By recognizing the visionaries, pioneers, and disruptors in the realms of phygital fashion, crypto, and creative ventures, the event illuminated the endless possibilities of the digital era. As we reflect on the astounding achievements of the honorees, we are reminded of the dynamic interplay between technology and imagination, propelling us into a future where boundaries are mere constructs and innovation reigns supreme in the digital domain.

Photos by @isabellaphelyne

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